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Individual & Small Group Instruction

Business Woman

We provide one-on-one language instruction to all ages and skill levels and a wide variety of professional fields. We strive to balance structure and measurable results with a relatively relaxed atmosphere to achieve the highest quality of instruction possible. Our instructors customize their lessons to each individual student as we know that people have different ways of learning, different paces at which they learn, and different language needs and objectives. When possible and desired, we form instructor-led small group lessons for friends or family members with the same skill level who wish to share their language learning with one another.  

We've made scheduling an effortless task for you. Schedule classes around your professional and personal life. If you have to cancel a class, just give us advance notice and we'll work with you to reschedule.

And one more note about our awesome instructors--each of them are native speakers of the languages they teach. This ensures that our students not only learn  the structure of a language, but also gain deep insight into the cultural nuances and applications of terms, phrases, and more. Our professional, native-speaking instructors are highly capable to ensure you gain the fullest, usable understanding of the language you pursue.

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