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Frequently Asked Questions


Does Alma Lingua have a set curriculum for its lessons?

At Alma Lingua, we strive to balance structure and measurable results with a relatively relaxed atmosphere to achieve the highest quality of instruction possible. We understand that unnecessary stress impedes learning. Thus, lengthy exams, strenuously timed activities, and surprise assessments are generally not a part of our curriculum. However, our instructors do create lesson plans with specific goals and benchmarks and utilize theories of learning along with their personal experience. Importantly, all lessons are tailored to the specific needs and wants of our clients. No cookie-cutter series of lessons can provide the quality instruction to which we are committed.

What is the pricing of our programs?


Pricing is determined by the level of your needs, the type of class structure you choose, and your desired level of fluency. We provide discounts for individuals or groups who commit to more than one series of classes, families who enroll more than one member, senior citizens, and small groups (2-6 persons) of the same level of understanding (i.e. beginner, intermediate, advanced) who take lessons together. Book a free consultation with us to determine how we can best meet your needs and goals.  

Do we have makeup classes if you miss a class? 
What is the cancellation policy?

Scheduling for individual lessons is quite flexible. If you need to cancel a class, please give us advanced notice and we will work with you to reschedule. Individual instruction is based off of the hours you complete. Therefore you will not lose your hours if you need to cancel a class as long as you contact us soon enough to inform your instructor and spare him or her from an unnecessary drive.

Do you offer online classes?

Yes! Online instruction is available to all who can access an internet connection. We strive to break-down all barriers (i.e. long distance) that would otherwise prevent people from quality language learning. Both individual and group lessons can be facilitated online.  

What is the age range of our students?

The youngest children for whom we offer lessons are two years old. We appreciate the discretion of parents in regards to their children’s abilities. And we can attest that there is no upper age limit to learning or perfecting language abilities!

Does Alma Lingua offer translation or interpretation services?

 Whether we can assist you with translation or interpretation services depends on a couple of factors including, but not limited to: the specific service needed, its length, and in-person interpretation versus script translation. Please contact us so we may assess if we can help you with your specific projects and vision.

How do we support immigrants and visitors who are new to the area?


One of the programs we offer is English as a second language to help immigrants and visitors to develop or sharpen their skills in the language. We also assist them in navigating local options and resources for transportation, food, shopping, schools, and medical services.

Does a non-U.S. citizen need a student visa in order to study at Alma Lingua?


No. Everyone is welcome at Alma Lingua regardless of visa or citizenship status.


Does Alma Lingua sponsor persons seeking to secure a student visa?


At this time, we do not sponsor any student visas nor completely support specific visa requirements.


Does Alma Lingua provide opportunities for informal group conversation between its students?


We are currently developing instructor-facilitated group conversations. Additionally, staff, students and family greatly enjoy our annual holiday gatherings.

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