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Alma Lingua Language Learning Centers emphasize the joy of learning languages and experiencing other cultures. We offer high-quality lessons to all ages, skill levels and a wide variety of professional fields. We strive to balance structure and measurable results with a relatively relaxed atmosphere to achieve the highest quality of instruction possible. We provide six areas of service:

  • Individual & Small Group Instruction

  • After-School Programs

  • Corporate Learning Programs

  • Interpretation Services

  • Travel Preparation & Relocation Services

  • Translation Services

In order to sustain high quality, we have assembled a team of excellence-driven, professional, native-speaking instructors who tailor their teaching to the specific needs and wants of our clients. No cookie-cutter series of lessons can provide the quality instruction to which we are committed. Such custom curriculum design is necessary for efficient learning and lasting outcomes.

The term "alma lingua" is Latin and means "mother tongue," that is the language one has grown up speaking from early childhood. At Alma Lingua, mother tongue instruction is exactly what our students and clients receive from our instructors, each of whom is native speakers of the languages they teach. This ensures that our students not only learn the structure of a language, but also gain deep insight into the cultural nuances and applications of terms, phrases, and more. Our professional, native-speaking instructors are highly capable to ensure you gain the fullest, usable understanding of the language you pursue.

Corporate Learning Programs

We're located at 55 Merz Blvd in Fairlawn, Ohio. Schedule a free consultation with us. Come say hi!

Alma Lingua Learning Center Fairlawn OH, USA
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