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In an ever-expanding, global context, multi-lingual and inter-cultural understanding are essential to doing business and building social capital.  Everything from the attainment of goals to team problem-solving, creating workplace cultures that are enjoyable and productive and innovation benefit from multi-lingual and inter-cultural education and training. Language and culture are multifaceted entities that require high-quality learning processes to be fully understood. And high-quality is exactly what Alma Lingua offers.

We provide language instruction to employees and executives from companies, non-profit organizations and government entities who conduct business inter-culturally. Our instructors tailor these programs to address the exact linguistic needs of each client. Our team has experience within a variety of fields including corporate, medical, higher education and legal professions. And, we are continually expanding our areas of expertise.


Our instructors integrate real-life scenarios into our programs to ensure that all participants are thoroughly prepared for engaging with clients, colleagues, partners, suppliers and others in a culturally appropriate fashion. One way of integrating such scenarios is through group outings, which can quite literally set the stage for learners to practice conversing in their developing language.

Looking for a fresh way to do team-building within your department? Group language lessons are an excellent way to simultaneously achieve the goals of team-building and expand your organization's capacity to grow. Whether looking to boost morale, increase effective communication, attain better understanding, streamline problem solving, or encourage creativity and innovation, learning a language together is a great way to acheive all of these. Learning another language stimulates the brain in ways that germinate creativity and broader perspectives, Ramp up productivity while having fun learning a language together. 

Need to focus your energies on executive and managment styles of communication?

Alma Lingua offers leadership training for those who work with multicultural or international teams. Ensure that you are prepared for the varying power dynamics, etiquette, and negotiation techniques that accompany intercultural and multicultural relations.

Find your organization a bit far from our current Alma Lingua Learning Centers? No problem. Our instructors can most often come to your workplace to conduct learning programs.  And if we can't meet with you that way, we can meet with you through instructor-led online options (i.e. interactive lessons and webinars). All you need is a solid internet connection and quick set-up in Skype, Google Hangouts, Go-To-Meeting or another videoconferencing platform. 

Our online options are also optimal for staff relocating to other countries. When a professional is going to relocate, we can provide them with language instruction and all sorts of 'insider knowledge' on how to navigate in-country specifics such as transportation, foods, shopping, medical services, and more. This is a major advantage of working with our native-speaking instructors, all of whom have deep ties within countries beyond the United States as well as within the U.S.

And if you are a professional who has been relocated for work in the United States, we can assist you with our English as an additional language instruction, as well as all the 'insider knowledge' you'll need for Northeast OhioSee more details on our Travel Preparation and Relocation Services page.

Whether you or your team are in need of the basics or you're already advanced and just need help reducing your accent, Alma Lingua is here for you,

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